Choose from many wonderful genuine vintage frames for your prescription lenses.  Uptown has an on-site lab and often your glasses can be finished the same day!

"My father has been  a practicing optometrist for over 40 years in western Montana.  Long before the days of big box optical retailers, the optometrist was your "one stop" facility for an eye examination, eyeglasses  and contact lenses.  The optometrist did the complete eye examination, helped you select the frame and often, as was the case with my father, had an on-site laboratory and  fabricated the prescription lenses themselves.  Much time and expertise was committed to the frame selection and fit which is so important in the success of the Rx.  You could be assurred of regular maintainance on your eyeglasses in the months that followed after the purchase .  Your optometrist was not only your eye doctor, but also your friend and neighbor whose children went to school with your own or sat beside  you in church.  I like to think that I have taken much of Dad's way of doing business with me when I opened Uptown Optical.  It's not just about the eyeglass sale, it's about relationships and taking care of my customers."
----  Mary Shull /Owner  ---


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